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LSM Offshore Operations

To compliment our operations in the United Kingdom, we have an offshore operation in Sri Lanka, which provides administration and academic support.

LSM Offshore Operations

London School of Marketing (Pvt) Ltd:

London School of Marketing Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of the LS Education Group. It is located at the heart of Colombo in the most established and recognised business centre in Sri Lanka, the World Trade Centre. An approximate of 75 dynamic staff members are employed and at work currently in Sri Lanka.

Our staff in Sri Lanka are highly proficient in their assigned duties and responsibilities. The academic team in particular is personally trained by senior faculty members of Anglia Ruskin University. They are all well certified by undertaking both professional (CIM, CIMA, CAM) and academic qualifications (undergraduate and postgraduate). 

  • All staff members are certified by the City and Guilds Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning in January 2015

  • Key LSM staff members are certified through the PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching (Higher Education) of the Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

  • Supervision panel of lecturers are approved by the Anglia Ruskin University

All operations conducted in LSM Lanka go hand in hand with the business practices at our head office in London. This is done to ensure efficiency and consistency in delivering a strong customer service to our students.

Tutoring and Supervision Panel

Our academic team’s key responsibilities include providing tutoring and supervision services, marking final student scripts and producing valuable study resources to help students excel in their courses and in their careers.

Academic Operations Department

The academic operations team provide administrative services to students, which includes communication of key deadlines and procedures, evaluating mitigating circumstances for deadline extensions and answering day to day enquiries.

Digital Marketing Department

The creative minds of this team ensure that LSM practices what they preach by performing numerous inbound marketing activities such as content marketing, website maintenance and social media marketing.

IT Department

Our IT Team ensures that cutting edge technology is incorporated in our business practices and operations to ensure efficiency in delivering a stellar service to students.

Registry Department

The registry and record keeping team at Sri Lanka processes applications for prior certificate learning, register students and issue certificates, ID cards and eVision login details.