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LSM Dubai

Having educated over 28,000 students since its inception, the school has decided to expand its operations and set up a sales office at a key international strategic hub in the world.

LSM Dubai

We have now expanded our operations to serve you even better. Our newest International Strategic Hub is now open in Dubai and is focussed on providing a customised service to our students and partners in Middle Eastern and North African markets.

We have already educated over 8000 students from the Middle East and our new office will help us to strengthen our presence and build a close relationship with present and future students.

This sales office will not deliver any academic courses, as all academic delivery will be managed directly by London School of Marketing.

As LSM’s own sales office in Dubai, LSM MENA (Middle Eastern and North Africa) is authorised to accept applications from students, assess for their suitability to study for one LSM’s study programmes, issue offer letters, conduct entry interviews and assessments as well as accept payments.

Call us at +97148879915 for any course enquiries or clarifications you may have. 
Or visit us at the address shown below for a
free consultation. 



LSM Dubai 
Office number 508,
Level 5,
Building C,
Dubai South, UAE.


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