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Redefining Global Education

Delivering a broad range of programmes, recognised by both professional bodies and universities, we provide global perspective locally and around the world.

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Discover why we're known for our accredited marketing and business qualifications, and gain the knowledge you need from an experienced partner you can trust.
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Our Courses


By partnering with the joint 38th best university in the United Kingdom, our students can complete a BA, MA or MBA programme no matter where they reside.


Gain a world recognised undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management or Law.


A front runner in the higher education industry - United Kingdom, University of Bedfordshire offers you the opportunity to gain a Masters in Education.

We have educated over 28,000 students since our inception in 2002.
Our key statistics speak our success:


course pass rate

We maintain a pass
rate of 95% across
all our courses.


submission rate

Submission rates 
averaged for all our 
courses stands at 98%.


completion rate

98% of our students 
complete their 


dropout rate

Our dropout rate is 
only 2% and that too
was largely affected by
immigration changes.


net promoter score

Our net promoter 
score stands at 94% 
when the industry
average is only 86%.

 Graduation 2017 

Each year, London School of Marketing along with its partner universities, hosts a graduation ceremony for its students. This year, the graduation ceremony will be on 7 September 2017 at the iconic O2 arena. Please stay tuned for more details about the event. 

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 Our Offices  

London School of Marketing has offices located in London, Dubai and Sri Lanka, in addition to a wide range of partners across the globe. Find out how you could meet our staff at one of our offices to discuss your educational opportunities in person.

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