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The Greatest Victories in Sports Marketing

23 Aug 2016

Sports marketing is endlessly interesting. It’s quite unlike any other type of marketing, in that it caters to an entirely different form of consumer. After all, when marketing a product, you’re hoping the customer will not only buy once, but purchase again in the future. However, with sports, the consumer is already committed. They may be a lifelong supporter of Arsenal FC or a huge fan of Wimbledon. Whatever sport they’re into, your job as a marketer is very different indeed.

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The Work Hard / Play Hard Culture, and the New Face of HRM

19 Aug 2016

About 4 million people in the UK are working at least 48 hours a week, according to a report released by the TUC. That’s 350,000 more than a decade previously – which officially makes us a nation of workaholics! In a bid to counteract the negative impact of long hours and increased stress, HR managers across the country are introducing a ‘work hard / play hard’ ethic to the workplace; and focusing on creating more of a work / life balance. Here’s some more details.

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How to Land a Job Position Whilst Reading for Your Business Management Degree

12 Aug 2016

Studying for any qualification is an investment – and you want to enjoy good returns as quickly as possible. As a result, it’s likely that you’re firmly focused on finding a great career shortly after qualifying. Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to wait until after you graduate to start searching for jobs, it’s not imperative. In fact, many savvy students actually apply for jobs whilst they’re studying, which gives them an invaluable head-start on the competition.

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Have MBA Courses Moved from Being a Special Milestone to a Must-Have Qualification?

5 Aug 2016

MBA courses are experiencing a surge in popularity at present – and for good reason. Increasingly, employers are seeking candidates with an MBA; and in some industries, it’s more highly regarded than a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider studying for an MBA, and the types of companies that are actively looking for MBA-qualified individuals to join their team.

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Career Choices and Salary Scales for a Graduate with a Marketing Degree

29 Jul 2016

Once you’ve completed your marketing degree, you’ll find there’s a wealth of career options open to you. From digital marketing to PR, the valuable skills you learnt whilst studying are highly sought after by employers across the world – but which career path should you select? Of course, your decision shouldn’t just be based on pay. However, earning a good salary is an important aspect of any job. If you’re unsure what each marketing career pays on average, here’s a handy guide to help you.

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How Challenging is a British Commercial Law Degree Programme?

25 Jul 2016

There’s no doubt about it – studying a commercial law degree is challenging; and rightly so! This complex (yet fascinating) subject requires in-depth expertise and up-to-date knowledge; and as a result, most law degrees are rigorous. UK commercial law degrees are designed to extend and develop your learning; and have been quality assessed to ensure they deliver top results. Here are just a few more advantages of studying Commercial Law in the UK.

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Qualifications that Matter in the Accounting and Financing Industry Today

16 Aug 2016

Are you looking for a career in accounting and finance? If so, it’s imperative to choose the right qualification to help you get ahead. There are a number of institutions, offering courses that claim to provide students with the right skillset to land a job in this industry, but actually, only a handful of these qualifications are really valued by employers. Here's some more details about why it pays to get into accounting or finance, and also, how an education at LSM can help you.

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Simplifying the Mindboggling World of Marketing Metrics with a CIM Diploma

9 Aug 2016

Big data is incredibly important for businesses right now. But how do you make sense of it? What metrics should you be paying attention to, and which should you ignore? When you study a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, you’ll learn all about big data, and gain understanding in how to access it and use it to your advantage. In the meantime, here’s some more information about marketing metrics, and how a CIM course can help you master them.

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British Qualification or Local Qualification to Start Your Career?

2 Aug 2016

Any qualification is advantageous when you’re starting a career. A well regarded degree or certification demonstrates that you’re dedicated, determined and passionate about your chosen industry – all attributes that employers value highly. However, it’s true to say that some qualifications look more impressive on your CV – and British degrees certainly have a formidable reputation worldwide. In this blog post, you’ll find out why a British qualification is so desirable, and how you can gain a UK degree of your own – even if you live abroad.

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Daring to be Different: The 10 Best Marketing Innovations of 2015

27 Jul 2016

LSM loves innovation in marketing. It’s one of the things that makes the topic so endlessly fascinating – marketing experts are continually experimenting with new ideas and techniques! Working in marketing gives you the opportunity to explore concepts, think creatively, and come up with something fresh – which is precisely what draws people to the industry. If you love marketing as much as we do, you’ll enjoy this list of the finest marketing innovations to emerge from 2015.

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