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The underlying reasons for why more and more CEOs come from a finance background

24 Mar 2017

If you're ambitious and keen to reach the top of your profession, then the title of CEO will not be something you'd consider out of reach. As the most senior ranking executive within most corporations, the job of CEO understandably comes with a lot of responsibilities – but also a lot of social prestige and salary perks! To reach such a position, though, you need a blend of top notch experience, excellent leadership skills and an excellent educational pedigree.

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Your go-to guide to curbing your student expenses in 2017

21 Mar 2017

Studying on a budget is never easy. However, if you're an accounting student, you'll know that the figures need to stack up, or you'll soon end up either broke or, worse, in debt. Charles Dickens said it best in his novel, David Copperfield: "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result - happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds six, result - misery."

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Rating the best professional qualifications to compliment your marketing degree

13 Mar 2017

Marketing has become a very exciting industry to work in, thanks to the rise of digital media and the advent of mobile. However, it has also become very fast moving and competitive, perhaps more so than at any other time. The rules of engagement; and the tools and methods used, are constantly shifting, making it crucial to take steps in order to remain ahead of the curve.

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The impact an LLM degree has on your salary scales

27 Feb 2017

Let's face it, although many people go into law because they see it as a vocation, it certainly doesn't hurt that it usually pays pretty well too! But do you need to invest in a postgraduate qualification in order to weight the payscales in your favour? The short answer is: "Yes".  Here's why.

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A reality check for all Marketers: Are your skills up to date?

21 Feb 2017

Marketing has changed dramatically in the last decade or so, thanks to the exponential rise of digital marketing. Columnist, Kate Solomon sums it up best: "The internet has changed many industries but few have changed as drastically as marketing. If you’d told marketers back in 1995 that, 20 years later, they’d be able to tweak campaigns based on their results in real time, they’d have laughed." 

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Three Things to Consider before enrolling for a Master's Degree

13 Feb 2017

Choosing to pursue a postgraduate degree has many merits, from adding a postgraduate 'premium' to your earning potential, to giving an edge over your peers. However, a Masters or PhD is a very different experience to studying for an undergraduate degree, so it is worth making sure that further studies are really right for you before you enrol. In this blog, we look at three of the most important things to consider before applying for a postgraduate degree course.

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The “Live” Marketing Effect

15 Mar 2017

According to a host of marketing experts, 2017 looks set to be the year of "live" marketing. In this blog, we look at this growing phenomenon and explain why marketers should take note of this new method of customer-engagement.

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A part-time business management degree student creates a better resume: True or False?

7 Mar 2017

When it comes to the world of business management, many people choose to study part-time while in work, often with help from their employers. But does a part-time BM degree really make that much of a difference to your resume? In this blog, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of studying part-time, particularly in the area of business management.

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Finance lessons from well-known movies

23 Feb 2017

We often turn to movies for an escape, but many can also teach us valuable life lessons, especially when it to comes to managing money, such as the perils of instant gratification and get-rich-quick schemes, as well as the end result of greed and corrupt practices. In this blog article, we look at some well-known movies and ask what they can teach us about the world of money and finance.

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When to save and when to spend - as taught in our accounting degree

17 Feb 2017

In difficult times, it is always wise to return to basic principles such as a healthy cash flow. This is true, whether you are an individual, a small business or a large multi-national. Having sufficient liquidity gives you the leverage needed to be able to respond fluidly to unforeseen circumstances – and expenses. In fact, since the credit crunch of 2007-8 and the raft of business regulation that was introduced in its wake, it is probably fair to say that it has never been more important for companies, especially banks and financial institutions, to maintain a healthy cash flow.

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