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The Masters in Marketing Share Their Secrets to Climbing Up the Career Ladder

25 May 2016

When studying a Masters in Marketing at LSM, you’ll have the chance to examine what other marketers are doing, and the techniques they adopt to achieve great things. Learning from others is a key aspect of improvement in any industry, and there are many leading marketing experts out there that have achieved astonishing success, in a variety of different ways.

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Gain Global Employability with an International Accounting Degree

23 May 2016

Most businesses in the world require the services of a qualified accountant. However, an international accounting degree can make you even more employable in global terms. You won’t just have specialist UK accounting skills, you’ll also have the necessary know-how to operate anywhere in the world – and this makes you highly desirable with companies in all the major continents. Here’s some more information about how a degree in international accounting can boost your global career.

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10 Personal Traits That Make You the Ideal Candidate for a LLM Course

16 May 2016

LSM’s new law degree, the LLM International Commercial Law course, explore the world of international law – covering key topics such as international property rights, private international law and corporate crime. It’s not only a fascinating qualification, but one that is globally renowned, which greatly boosts your employability in the industry. Truly successful students often share key traits – which set them apart from others. Read on to discover if you’ve got the vital personality traits, and if so, how you can use them to your advantage on our LLM course.

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How to Market Your Business Management Degree at Interview

9 May 2016

You’ve earned your business management degree, sent your CV off, and now you’re ready for interview. The job should be yours, right? After all, you’ve got an internationally regarded qualification, which proves you’ve got skills in business management – what could go wrong? Sadly, without the right level of preparation, it’s still entirely possible to perform badly at interview, regardless of how qualified you are. However, your degree in business management offers plenty of transferable skills which can be used in an interview situation. Here’s more information.

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What Can a Start-Up Entrepreneur Learn from a CIM Diploma?

3 May 2016

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that your company is only ever as successful as your marketing campaign. Good marketing is essential if you want your start-up venture to hit the ground running, which is why so many budding entrepreneurs choose to study a CIM diploma. If you’re about to launch your start-up business and you want to learn more about marketing your products and services, here’s how LSM’s CIM course can help.

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How Psychology Students Can Step Into a Career in Human Resource Management

27 Apr 2016

 What does it take to be a successful Human Resources manager? There are a number of desirable skills for the role – but certainly, one of the most important is a solid understanding of psychology. When studying our Human Resource Management degree, you’ll be given in-depth insight into the role of psychology in HR. In the meantime, this article explains the link between psychology and HRM – and why psychology students are perfectly positioned for a human resources role.

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From Contact to Customer: The Keys to Greater Conversions

20 May 2016

As any business knows, converting a casual browser can be challenging; and you’ll often hear companies complaining that their conversion rates are too low. However, as explained in our digital marketing course modules (CIM), there are techniques you can employ to boost conversions and increase sales – particularly when the customer first gets in contact via the website. Here’s just a few smart ideas.

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Why Business and Marketing Degree Students Are More Likely to Succeed On Their Own

12 May 2016

A business and marketing degree teaches students key skills; providing them with the know-how and experience required to gain a career in the industry. In addition to this, LSM’s business and marketing qualifications place great importance on independent learning – and being able to work independently and on your own initiative are qualities that employers value highly. Here’s just a few ways in which you’ll master the art of business independence through your degree with LSM.

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Time Management Tips and Techniques for Working MBA Top Up Students

6 May 2016

An MBA Top Up is a great qualification – especially if you’re looking to progress in your career or take your business to new heights. It’s a practical, hands-on course, which teaches you actionable, effective techniques in business management, marketing and strategy; and it’s hardly surprising that it’s so highly regarded worldwide. However, as you might expect, studying an MBA can be demanding. Without the right level of organisation, it’s easy for the course to start eating into your free time – which can cause stress. 

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The Digital Marketing Team’s Graphic Designing Cheat Sheet

29 Apr 2016

A digital marketer has a vital role in any modern business. It’s their responsibility to promote products and services online; and there are a huge number of ways in which they can do this – through social media, email, website content and more. Digital marketing qualifications are one of the most effective ways you can develop your skills. In the meantime, here’s a few top design tips to mastering marketing online (and no, you don’t have to be an amazing graphic designer!).

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