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When to save and when to spend - as taught in our accounting degree

17 Feb 2017

In difficult times, it is always wise to return to basic principles such as a healthy cash flow. This is true, whether you are an individual, a small business or a large multi-national. Having sufficient liquidity gives you the leverage needed to be able to respond fluidly to unforeseen circumstances – and expenses. In fact, since the credit crunch of 2007-8 and the raft of business regulation that was introduced in its wake, it is probably fair to say that it has never been more important for companies, especially banks and financial institutions, to maintain a healthy cash flow.

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Three Things to Consider before enrolling for a Master's Degree

13 Feb 2017

Choosing to pursue a postgraduate degree has many merits, from adding a postgraduate 'premium' to your earning potential, to giving an edge over your peers. However, a Masters or PhD is a very different experience to studying for an undergraduate degree, so it is worth making sure that further studies are really right for you before you enrol. In this blog, we look at three of the most important things to consider before applying for a postgraduate degree course.

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Emerging marketing trends for 2017

6 Feb 2017

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to implement new marketing strategies in order to boost business and improve on last year's sales performance figures. As the marketing landscape continues to change, shaped by factors such as consumer behaviour shifts and the fast-evolutions world of digital marketing, so the need for marketers and business owners to keep abreast of emerging marketing trends continues to increase if they are maintain customer interest and brand loyalty. With this in mind, here are a few marketing trends that seem to show signs of growth in 2017.

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An MBA or a Masters in Finance?

30 Jan 2017

For finance students considering a master's programme, the choice between an MBA and an MSc degree can seem quite daunting. Although the MBA tends to be seen as the sexier option; in truth, both qualifications offer the potential of lucrative career opportunities afterwards in business administration and financial management. So which to pick?

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5 ways that a Business Management Degree can help improve your business communication skills

23 Jan 2017

Business is all about figures and deals, right? Wrong! To succeed to the business world today, you also have to be a consummate communicator. This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur, responsible for all marketing and customer relations, or a business manager who has a team of staff to motivate. It is equally true if you report to the board or executive management – you need to be able to communicate your knowledge and recommendations to others in a way that is persuasive and also adds value.

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The importance of effective CTAs as taught in our CIM Diploma programme

18 Jan 2017

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly vital to the success of businesses and services in today's competitive global economy. One of the key ingredients of any marketing communication is the so-called 'Call to Action', or CTA. In this article, we examine the importance of CTAs and look at the most effective ways of using them.

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Common mistakes to avoid in your next job interview

10 Feb 2017

Was your New Year's resolution to get a new job? Having to apply for your first job this year? Whether you're a seasoned professional, or a newbie at the jobs game, there is always room for improvement when it comes to job interviews. Here are our top tips to ensure you don't spoil your chances of landing your dream job in 2017.

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Become the next Harvey Specter with an LLM degree

2 Feb 2017

Stand aside Mad Men's Don Draper - Suits' Harvey Spectre is now the guy to emulate! The sharply dressed, smooth-talking main character of the popular US legal drama has now become the poster child for every A-type personality looking for a high powered career. Love him or loathe him, there is no denying that he certainly makes the legal profession look like an attractive occupation choice. So is the law as glamorous as it is made out to be on Suits?

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Stepping stones to becoming a better leader

25 Jan 2017

Is a leader born or made? Some critics would argue that, although some people may display inherent character traits that might predispose them to become natural leaders, that leadership itself is very much an art form that needs to be developed through a mixture of education and experience. In this blog post, we ask what it takes to become a great leader.

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Emerging industries ripe for start-ups in 2017

20 Jan 2017

Once known as the nation of shopkeepers, Britain has a long history of entrepreneurialism. Since the 2008 global recession, this trend has continued to grow as the job for life becomes a thing of the past and people increasingly aspire to having more control over their financial future and a better work-life balance. For those would-be moguls thinking of starting a business in 2017, here are some emerging industries to consider for your start-up.

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