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How to Market Your Master's in Marketing in LinkedIn

8 Feb 2016

At present, LinkedIn has close to 400 million members worldwide. It’s undoubtedly the globe’s largest B2B social media site, and is one of the first places employers will look when they’re searching for new recruits. Your Master's in Marketing is likely to be a big attraction to employers – but how can you ensure they’re aware of your qualifications?

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As a student following a Business Management degree, what more can I do to expand my resume?

1 Feb 2016

A study conducted by The Metro in 2011 found that 52% of graduates were still unemployed 6 months after completing their studies. Thankfully, those taking a Business and Marketing degree at the LSM enjoy a 90% chance of being hired within 6 months – but don’t rest on your laurels, as competition for jobs is fierce!

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The Rise of Emoji Marketing

25 Jan 2016

When working in marketing, you’ll often hear experts discussing how to attract the attention of the ‘millennials’. However, with many millennials now entering their 30s, a new, younger target market has emerged, which is referred to as Generation Z. Undertaking one of the LSM’s marketing qualifications helps you to not only understand these key demographics, but learn how to tailor your marketing efforts to appeal directly to them.

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10 Top Online Influencers in Digital Marketing for 2015

18 Jan 2016

In the past 10 years, marketing has changed beyond recognition. As 2016 approaches, digital marketing is more important than ever, and creating an online marketing strategy is a top priority for most businesses across the country. In this post, we take a look at some of the key developments in the world of online marketing, plus the major players shaping the industry today.

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Broadening Your Network with a Business and Marketing Degree

11 Jan 2016

You may have heard the phrase, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’. Whilst your knowledge is always important in the world of business, having the right connections can also work in your favour. A business and marketing degree can not only provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to get a great job, it can also help you to build an invaluable network too.

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As a Business Student, Can a CIM Certificate be My X Factor?

4 Jan 2016

If you’re studying business management, then your job prospects are already fairly comprehensive, not to mention exciting. However, in the highly competitive marketplace, having a relevant qualification can help differentiate you from the other candidates applying for the role. In particular, a CIM certificate can give you that extra edge required to ensure you land the job.

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Marketing Lessons by Jacques de Cock

28 Jan 2016

Those studying one of LSM’s CIM courses or academic qualifications will no doubt already be familiar with our Corporate Spokesperson, Jacques de Cock. Hopefully, you will have read some of his articles, which have been featured in publications across the world, and which can be found on the London School of Marketing website. If not, make sure to do so, as they always offer fascinating insight into marketing and current events in the business world.

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Differentiating Between a Street Smart and a Book Smart Online MBA

21 Jan 2016

A few years ago, qualifications were everything. In order to land a dream job, it was imperative to have the all-important letters behind your name, and the credentials firmly printed on your CV. However, although qualifications, such as an MA, BA or online MBA are still highly prestigious, it’s no longer considered enough to just know the theory. You need to have firm practical knowledge too, and preferably plenty of experience in the field.

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Boost Your Creativity with a Masters in Marketing

14 Jan 2016

In business, which skills are most important, if you want to succeed? It’s likely that a few words will immediately spring to mind – a positive attitude, tenacity, ambition, and of course, good knowledge of your specialist subject. However, as a Masters in Marketing proves, creativity and innovation are also highly sought after. After all, it’s only through creation and innovation that businesses grow!

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A Business Management Degree: A Pivotal Stepping Stone But Not the Pinnacle

7 Jan 2016

It’s always exciting finding out that you’ve landed your dream job. After a long process of job hunting, applying and attending a nerve-wracking interview, getting the career you’ve always wanted feels like reaching the top of a mountain after a very hard climb! For many people, their success can be attributed to a business management degree or similar qualification, and the job marks the fruition of their hard work as a student.

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