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Emerging industries ripe for start-ups in 2017

20 Jan 2017

Once known as the nation of shopkeepers, Britain has a long history of entrepreneurialism. Since the 2008 global recession, this trend has continued to grow as the job for life becomes a thing of the past and people increasingly aspire to having more control over their financial future and a better work-life balance. For those would-be moguls thinking of starting a business in 2017, here are some emerging industries to consider for your start-up.

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The importance of effective CTAs as taught in our CIM Diploma programme

18 Jan 2017

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly vital to the success of businesses and services in today's competitive global economy. One of the key ingredients of any marketing communication is the so-called 'Call to Action', or CTA. In this article, we examine the importance of CTAs and look at the most effective ways of using them.

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The perks of securing a master's degree early on in your career

10 Jan 2017

Although many graduates can feel pressure to get a job straight after obtaining their first degree, there are some definite benefits to studying further early on in your career. In this blog, we examine the perks of choosing to progress onto postgraduate studies soon after graduating.

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Small Business Accounting Tips for the Holidays

29 Dec 2016

The festive season can be a busy time for small businesses. While everybody else gets ready to wind down for the year, the opposite can be true for many entrepreneurs and small traders, many of whom are gearing up for one of their busiest commercial periods.

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Become an entrepreneur in 2017: five small scale business ideas

20 Dec 2016

The New Year is an excellent time to make a fresh start. Top of many people's New Year's resolution lists is the desire to reinvent their careers or create a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to break free of the restrictions and monotony of the 9 to 5, or begin afresh after a redundancy or major life change.

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How to use time management skills learnt in an MBA to manage your holidays

14 Dec 2016

Thanks to changing shift patterns and our modern 24/7 culture, it's easy for Christmas to turn into just another day at the office. The news never stops—even on the holidays—and neither does crime, accidents or medical emergencies. Not great news for those who work in law enforcement or the emergency services! At the same time, many of us have become addicted to social media, whether to stay in touch with friends or keep up with whatever is going on in the world via their phone, tablet or computer.

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Five New Year's resolutions for career advancement in 2017

16 Jan 2017

New Year, new you – right? For many people, new year's resolutions usually revolve around one of two things: either a new job, or a healthier lifestyle. However, with most people breaking diet and exercise resolutions within four weeks of starting them, it's probably best to stick to career make-overs! In this blog post, we offer some practical and achievable new year's resolutions guaranteed to boost your career chances in 2017. For those looking for some inspiration, here are five New Year's resolutions designed to help you get your career back on track in 2017:

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A Year in Retrospect 2016

9 Jan 2017

One resilient objective sums up 2016 for LSM; offering flexibility, diversity and affordability in educational opportunities. This meant, introducing new courses, partnering with new universities, expanding our global presence and holding a graduation ceremony at an iconic landmark in London, the O2 Arena.  View our journey this year:

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Double your monthly income with a Masters in Finance qualification

22 Dec 2016

Having attained their first degree, many graduates pause to consider their next steps. The dilemma of whether to find a job and avoid incurring any further student debts – or continue on to a postgraduate course and potentially command a higher income in the long run can be tough. The earning potential associated with many degrees is also becoming quantifiable. In fact, some organisations like 'Which?' actually list average annual earnings per degree - and even per institution for the same degree - on their website for applicants to compare before choosing what – and where – they would like to study.

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How to network your way towards a promotion

19 Dec 2016

It might sound like a cliché, but who, rather than what, you know is often still the ticket to career success and job promotion. Research has demonstrated that around 85% of all roles are actually landed via networking. In fact, a recent survey conducted by The Adler Group revealed that, 'networking still trumps applying directly for a job by a factor of 3:1.' It is also true that many of the most covetable roles are never publicly advertised. This means that 'job seekers need to use the back door to gain access to the hidden job market'. The key to this secret entrance? Networking of course!

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